With the right work ethic, mindset, plan and support, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding in particular! Your body is teeming with untapped potential. Most people never truly dive into what they can get from their body, but some of us want to see just what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it.

But it won’t and doesn’t come easy. We know that better than anybody here at Smothers Fitness in the Sacramento area. Yet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. All things worth accomplishing require hard work. Our founder, Antonio Smothers, reached the highest pinnacle of the bodybuilding world as a professional champion, and Antonio wants to help anybody out there reach their goals with expert bodybuilding training. That doesn’t have to be a national championship. Any goal you wish to reach is fantastic and we love nothing more than helping you do it!

So where do you start? Excellent question and one we want to address in today’s blog post. Let’s touch on some very basic bodybuilding principles so you know it’s right for you. By the end, if you feel motivated and ready, we’d love to help you shape a physique you love!

Do You Have What it Takes?

So we can safely assume you’re here today because you’re considering becoming a bodybuilder. Or at the very least, receiving some bodybuilding training so you can shape your body into something you can be proud of. We won’t lie to you — it can be daunting. You need to work hard and bring some passion to the gym each time. We believe that’s a family effort, so we’re here to help you and motivate you when you don’t quite have it. We all have those days.

Bodybuilding isn’t just about building huge arms and lifting weights. You need discipline, dedication and determination. Live healthily, eat healthy and keep grinding. Do those things and you’ll see results. We guarantee it. Trust us, it’s worth the effort. You’ll look and feel amazing. Still interested? Great! Let’s take a closer look at bodybuilding and where you need to start.

How to Become a Bodybuilder

As we’ve mentioned above, bodybuilding isn’t easy. That’s not the point. Your body has great potential, but only you can be the one to make that potential shine through and become hardened results. Through professional, expert bodybuilding training, you’ll set attainable goals and then reach them!

Educate Yourself

Before you go forward and make the commitment to a bodybuilding lifestyle, it’s important that you take the time to educate yourself on what you’ll be doing and what exactly you need to know about the process. There is a lot of misinformation out there and people who claim to know what they’re doing but will actually hold you back or set you along the wrong path. Having at least a baseline understanding of what bodybuilding is all about will help you avoid any potential pitfalls along the way.

There are different kinds of exercises that focus on separate areas of your body and growth, so learn a bit more about those exercises, because they’ll likely be the foundation of what you do week in and week out. Weightlifting is a bulk of what you’ll be doing of course as bodybuilding is about building muscle mass at the end of the day. But you need to know there will be cardio and calisthenics, which relies completely on your body weight for resistance instead of weights or equipment. There are also other exercises that you can do at home or the office when you have or create, the time to do them. Much of this will be built into your bodybuilding workout program and should be constructed with the aid of your bodybuilding trainer, who can lend their experience to help build a program that will actually allow reaching your goals. But remember, this takes time, so don’t expect to work out for a month and look like Arnold!

Build a Routine

Bodybuilding, and your bodybuilding training, ultimately comes down to building a fitness and workout program that’s tailored to your body and your goals. That includes everything from the exercises you do to the food you eat to support your body and what it needs. Everybody starts from a different point, so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Anybody who’s trying to sell you that shouldn’t be trusted. It’s a lie. For instance, if you’re a little overweight, you’ll need to start by reducing your body fat percentage before you can build muscle. Cardio will also be helpful so you can build your endurance, which will lead to more productive time in the gym.

Compound exercises are a great place to begin. These include things like sit-ups, pull-ups, dips, rows and focusing on all areas of your body. Later on in your bodybuilding training, you’ll move to more muscle-specific exercises to build strength and muscle mass but think of it like building a house. You can’t work on the roof with walls. And you don’t build walls until you have a foundation. Your plan is a holistic approach and a roadmap to success. So stick to it!

Set a Meal Plan

Your body can only do so much. It needs fuel to workout and it needs the right kind of fuel to achieve the sort of results you’re striving for. A well-designed meal plan goes hand-in-hand with what you’re doing in the gym and must be considered essential for any great bodybuilder. A protein-rich diet is No. 1 to help you build muscle more quickly. Cut junk food out of your diet completely if possible because it will be counterproductive to everything else!

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There you have it! Those are just some of the basics. Make sure to stay tuned in for more later on. In the meantime, contact us today to begin your bodybuilding training or to learn more!