If you’re here reading this blog post today, there’s a strong chance you’ve decided to seize firm hold of your body and health by seeking out a personal trainer in order to most effectively help you reach your goals. So a huge congratulation is due from us to you!

Smothers Fitness right here in the Sacramento area is absolutely thrilled about your decision and commitment to embark on a fitness journey and we would love the chance to help you achieve the results you’re looking for, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts searching for a personal trainer. With a proven background in bodybuilding and overall fitness, we apply what we’ve learned along with a supportive, family atmosphere to help you get where you want to go!

However, we also understand that selecting a personal trainer is a very unique pick for each individual, so we’ve written today’s blog post in an effort to make the selection process easier and ideally, stress-free! Here are some tips we have for you, listed out into seven areas to consider when choosing a personal trainer. We hope you find it helpful, and of course, please reach out to us and our founder, Antonio Smothers, today!

  1. Credentials

Before anything else, it’s obviously crucial that your prospective personal trainer actually knows what they’re doing in the gym. You wouldn’t go to any old pharmacist and ask them to operate on you, so don’t do the same thing with your personal trainer!

There’s clearly a difference between someone who works out a lot and says they know what they’re doing as a personal trainer and a qualified personal trainer, who has training and expertise in the field in order to help people like you shape their workouts, mixing them up and achieving actual results. Antonio Smothers is a champion-level bodybuilder, and he didn’t get there by having no clue what he was doing. Let him provide you a 360-degree personal training experience — in body and mind!

  1. Experience

Going along the same idea as our first tip, it’s important that your personal trainer has experience in personal training rather than having just picked up some reading material and decided for themselves it was good enough. A great personal trainer knows exactly what to do and tailor a plan of attack around your needs and aspirations. Antonio realizes after years of bodybuilding that each person’s body is different, as is their mindset. He knows when, and how, to push you in a positive and healthy manner!

  1. Personality

This a huge factor because it can be hard — if not impossible — to measure a personal trainer’s attitude without meeting them or asking around. But a personal trainer’s personality is so critical because this person should have a connection with you in order to adequately motivate you, push you further, but doing so in a healthy and supportive way. Progress and results are important, but reaching them the right way should count just as much!

  1. Availability

Consistency is completely crucial to fitness and the personal-training experience. It can be difficult to achieve results and it’s just as likely to see regression if you don’t stay committed and on top of your personal training. And that goes for the personal trainer as well! Ensure they work with your schedule and accommodate you. We even have online workout programs so you can keep at it from wherever you are!

  1. Location

This is pretty straight forward. It’s clearly going to benefit you and your personal trainer the most if the gym is conveniently located near you. Commuting a decent way might keep you from going to the gym, so pick somewhere that’s closer and works with your schedule while ensuring it’s still a good gym and personal trainer for you!

  1. Progress

What have you done for me lately? Are you seeing results and making progress, but at the same time remaining realistic with your progress. A great personal trainer will set attainable expectations with you from the start and ask what results you want, what success would mean to you and what the route there will look like. A strong personal trainer keeps you up to date and motivated to push forward! Goals should be tough and take work, but never stop there. Break through those goals and reach higher.

  1. Philosophy

This can be the most subtle consideration to pick up on and factor in, but don’t ignore it totally! Each personal trainer holds a slightly different outlook on fitness and the ways to best achieve results you want. Do they only care about raw numbers and progress? More importantly, what do you want? Decide for yourself what’s crucial at the end of the day and pick a personal trainer who matches your philosophy! A personal trainer is your partner.

At Smothers Fitness, we believe it takes a team effort to truly reach your goals and become the best version of yourself. You can only go so far on your own, but together, we can do great things! If that’s important to you, then reach out to us today and sign up for personal training!