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At Smothers Fitness, we’re more than motivational personal trainers — we’re fitness experts. We bring lifelong knowledge in the fitness world as professional bodybuilders and our mission has always been to use everything we know and learned over the years to assist you reaching the fitness goals you thought weren’t possible. Now, thanks to our world-class online fitness solutions, you can achieve results from anywhere! Regardless of where you stand along your fitness journey, we make you feel supported and motivated — even if we’re not there face-to-face. So believe in yourself like it was a religion and contact us today to learn more about our online workout programs!

World-Class Online Workout Programs

When fitness training becomes a natural part of your lifestyle, it’s possible to achieve incredible results. At Smothers Fitness right here in the Sacramento area, we’re on a mission to knock down as many of the barriers between you and your goals as we can, and we’re proud to offer online workout programs that make it possible for you to thrive no matter where you are. Thanks to our passion for customization, our online workout programs are effective for people of every fitness level.

The best fitness training addresses more than just the body — it trains the mind and soul as well. Antonio Smothers, the founder of Smothers Fitness (and award-winning bodybuilder), understands the need for 360-degree training better than anyone else. His fitness journey has taken him through all kinds of ups and downs, and without easily accessible training, he knows it can become next to impossible to achieve your goals.

That is why he and his team have created world-class online workout programs that you can access anywhere you are. Whether you’re away on a trip and you want to stay on top of your game, or you live too far away to join the Smothers Fitness family in-person, our online workout programs are the perfect solution.

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Smothers Fitness in the Sacramento area is different from other fitness communities because we’re built on a foundation of real, award-winning bodybuilding experience as well as fitness research and data. We’re not here to get you active and hope it lasts — we’re here for you through the long haul. Learn more about what makes us different and contact us today!

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