Bodybuilding Training From the Champion

Simply having a great body is not enough in the world of bodybuilding. Through expert guidance from former champion Antonio Smothers, bodybuilding posing classes at Smothers Fitness in the Sacramento area makes the difference between winning and losing in bodybuilding competitions or showing off your hard-earned physique any time. Learn to show off every single muscle effectively so there is nothing left unseen! You busted your tail to get these muscles, so allow them to stand out!

Take Your Bodybuilding Training to the Next Level

When you’ve put in the work and sacrifice to achieve a show-ready body, you deserve to feel confident when all eyes are on you. At Smothers Fitness in the Sacramento area, we’re proud to offer bodybuilding posing classes where you can learn how to show off the results of the sacrifices you’ve made to achieve your fitness goals. Taught by NPC Mr. USA Men’s Physique overall champion, and IFBB Pro, Antonio Smothers, these classes equip both men and women with the competitive edge they need to dominate any bodybuilder stage or photoshoot.

We each have our own “why” when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, but if competing and/or modeling are part of why you’ve chosen this lifestyle, the last thing you need is to feel your confidence crumble onstage or during a shoot. None of us pour sweat, blood, and tears into our bodies only to look awkward. Smothers Fitness bodybuilding posing classes are designed to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. We put the finishing touches on your bodybuilding efforts by showing you how to move across a stage, how to stand, and how to show off every hard-earned muscle. Whether you’re brand new to posing, or you’re a seasoned veteran, we can take your confidence to the next level and help you build a skill set that will serve you for years to come.

Posing Should Never Be Overlooked

Even the most famous bodybuilder of all time knew the importance of posing and made it a priority. The great Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his definitive bodybuilding book “Arnold’s Bodybuilding for Men” this following quote:

“You can’t practice posing too much. I always believed in flexing and posing whatever body parts I was training during any workout in the gym. If I trained arms, I would stop between sets and do some arm shots, studying myself in the mirror. Training legs or anything else, I would always take time to pose.”

As Arnold himself goes on to say, posing is not about vanity. It’s also a good form of training because of the constant flexing, making the muscles hard and defined. Beyond that, it constantly gives you a benchmark on what you’ve achieved and areas that still need improvement. Don’t let any chance to improve go unused!



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